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This here is a Role-Playing forum dedicated to Hiro Mashima's series, Fairy Tail!


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Post by Daimon on Fri Sep 05, 2014 6:11 pm

(All of these are skeletons to use as bases for later information topics)


  1. General
    1. Read ALL Rules and Information
    2. Be courteous to other members
    3. If any questions, concerns or comments/suggestions - feel free to take them up with a staffer

  2. Posting
    1. Do not spam.
    2. Avoid multiposting
    3. Make sure to at least read previous posts so as to stay relevant/topical, see 1 - Do Not Spam

  3. Combat
    1. Make sure to take even turns
    2. Make sure to be fair (One cannot always evade every hit, and one cannot land all their hits)
    3. If there is an issue, please consult a staff member to help resolve the matter.


  1. Character
    1. No canon characters, relative to canon characters, or clones of canon characters. Especially opposite gender clones of canon characters.
    2. While basing a character's looks or powers on a different one from any other series is okay, please try to avoid carbon-copying. This is the lowest form of plagiarism and shows a lack of creativity.
    3. Character apps that aren't finished can be posted in the section in advance. These will require a tag - (WIP) for Work-In-Progress - in the title to indicate to staff the that application is still being worked on.

  2. Magic
    1. Magic can be divided into three categories. Your magic should fall in at least ONE of them, no matter what.

      • Caster Magic
      • Holder Magic

        • Lost Magic

    2. Canonical magic skills that are not unique, rare or limited can be learnt and used by anyone for a price.
      • This will ALSO apply to custom magic that are not bound by such limitations as well, however in that case the member who created that custom magic must teach/be willing to teach it in order for someone else to actually learn it

    3. All Mages/Wizards will have a Primary Magic, usually the first one they learn, that they are most skilled in and will be granted the greatest number of techniques for.

      • This Primary Magic is then supplemented by Secondary or Auxiliary Magic, which a character can learn if they have the sufficient experience and/or rank for it. A character is not restricted to one or a single Auxiliary Magic
      • A Primary Magic is not set in stone, as that title is merely given to the Magic that the user is most skilled in. However, to change one's Primary Magic will come at a cost (To be determined)
      • Certain ranks and positions will necessitate the character knows a specific Magic (Either Primary OR Secondary), as an example a Dragon Slayer must have their corresponding element of Dragon Slayer Magic as a primary.


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